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Highly portable cell phone, ferrous weapon, and contraband detector

  • Detection of all cell phones and other ferrous contraband concealed on the person or in body cavities (including keyfob cell phones, smartphones, radio transceivers, etc.)
  • Constant Sensitivity across the detection area in pass-through operations
  • Multi-Zone targeting indication identifies the location of contraband on the body
  • Covert operation through the use of BT wireless headset
  • Fully weather proof for outdoor use (IP65 certified)
  • 26 hours continuous operation
  • Unmatched detection in all environments without adjustment
  • Extremely durable design
  • No assembly required: set-up in less than 10 seconds


  • Detection of magnets and ferromagnetic metals
  • Full-height, 360° detection (horizontal & vertical)
  • 5 individual zones for pinpointing locations of contraband on the body
  • Covert operation through use of BT wireless headset (included)
  • Fully weather proof for outdoor use
  • 24 hours typical / 26 hours max. of continuous battery operation with 4.5 hours charge
  • One-piece and lightweight design (total weight only 9,5 kg with batteries included) easily transportable by one person
  • Unmatched detection in all environments without adjustment
  • Extremely durable design using stainless steel and high impact reinforced plastics
  • Anti-tip suction cups for securing to smooth floor surfaces (included)
  • Non-emitting device: safe for use for pace-makers and other medical implants
  • Throughput: 60+ people per minute (based on uninterrupted flow, separately alarms resolution)


Carrying case for personal transport and storage

  • Heavy-duty lightweight carry system
  • Custom fit to the MSD shape
  • Dedicated pocket for accessories
  • Space–saving
  • Included parts:
    • MSD Ferromagnetic Detector unit
    • Test sample
    • External AC/DC battery charger adapter
    • Carrying case


MSD EVO™ Option

Even though the MSD is typically used as a stand-alone single pole, the new MSD Pass-through configuration with EVO option defines now the possibility to operate on a transit width up to 180 cm with constant detection sensitivity from pole to pole. Moreover, this new uniform solution allows the reliable screening of in-mates transiting through a corridor, the surveillance of large transit openings and an extremely accurate investigation of mattresses and other objects that could hide contraband.

Controls and indicators

  • ON/OFF push-button
  • 4-key keypad, for programming and status readout
  • Programming of operational parameters and downloading of data logger by smartphone or portable PC
    • Password protected programming at User and Supervisor level
      • Normal operation, no alarm
      • Detection of ferromagnetic object below alarm threshold
      • Detection of ferromagnetic object above alarm threshold:
        • Full height alarm indication
        • Indication proportional to signal intensity
        • Alarm indication with 5 different localization zones
        • Full height alarm indication, followed by zonal signalling
      • Blinking light: diagnostics alarm
      • Connecting BT wireless device in progress
    • Alarm indication for target over the alarm threshold:
      • Fixed tone
      • Tone proportional to signal intensity
      • Single pulse for pinpointing target
    • Alarm tone can be selected, continuous and intermittent
    • Self-diagnostics signal: intermittent tome
    • Copies all acoustic indications, with the addition of checking BT connection

Power supply

  • AC/DC external power adapter: 100 … 240 V~ , 47…63Hz, 40W
  • Embedded rechargeable battery
    • 16h typical / 17h max. of continuous operation with 3 h battery charge
    • 24h typical / 26h max. of continuous operation with 4.5 h battery charge

Detector environmental conditions

  • Working temperature: -10°C to +65°C
  • Storage temperature: -37°C to +70°C
  • Relative humidity: 0 to 95%, non-condensing


  • MSD: 9,5 kg
  • AC/DC adapter: 0,7 Kg
  • BT wireless communication kit: 0,2 Kg (includes battery charger)
  • Carrying case: 0,6 Kg
  • Installation kit: 0,3 Kg

MSD dimensions

  • Height: 1900 mm; Width: 330 mm

Shipping information

  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 400 mm x 2000 mm x 480 mm
  • Weight 24 Kg

Degree of protection

  • Fully weather proof for outdoor use (IP65)

Available accessories

  • EVO function activation; code 88918
  • BT wireless audio function activation. Includes a headset with AC/DC charger; code 88919
  • MSD-RRU Remote Relay Unit; code MSD-RRU
  • App CEIA FMD: the application allows monitoring of the device, adjustment of the settings and downloading of data logger. Available on Google Play Store. REQUIREMENTS: Android 7.0 or later, BT interface available
  • Solid rubber feet; code 88917
  • MSD Demo Kit – Kit of demonstration objects, consisting of: BT wireless headset • Hair pins • Hospital pager • Magnet • Medical scissors • Micro cell phone • Micro smartphone • Needle • Razor blades • Transceiver • Voice recorder; code 89052
  • MSD Maintenance Kit: Set of main spare parts and necessary tools; code 89051
  • MSD Training Kit: Set of innocuous items tampered creating a concealed space for hiding small size threat objects; code 89054
  • MSD EVO Connecting
    • Cable Length 2.7 m; code 95376
    • Length custom, up to 25 m code 95494
  • Standing mat: self-adhesive mat with indication of position and rotation; code 94590

Certification and compliance

  • Safe for use for pace-makers and other medical implants
  • Compliant and certified to the applicable electromagnetic Standards on Human Exposure and pacemaker safety
  • Compliant with and certified to the applicable International Standards for electrical safety and EMC


The latest innovation in full body metal detection system

  • Totally passive technology
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Aluminium house for indoor & outdoor use
  • Highly portable for rapid deployment
  • Uniform coverage from head to toe
  •  Hi-Sensitivity
  •  Shower proof
  •  Intuitive display
  • One person set up
  •  Mains or Battery (lasts up to 7 hours)
  •  Working in non fiat surface
  • Surprise element (unannounced deployment)

Full Body Scanning

Water Proof

Covert Screening

Low Cost of Deployment

Robust Aluminium Design

User Friendly


PARADIGM TECH SOLUTIONS PVT LTD was established by Mr. Anupkumar Mhatre (B.E. Electronics & Telecommunications) in the year 2006, with a vision to be most trusted brand in the security space. He has vast experience in the field of security systems prior to setting up this business. The company is known for delivering essential security to business sector & homes, providing world class electronic security systems. PoleMetal Detector is a branch of Paradigm Tech Solutions. We aim at achieving customer satisfaction & believes in increasing the quantum of satisfied customers, besides increasing the turnover alone.
An immaculate quality of products & flawless services to the customers has always been & is prime focus of the company.
The company is supported by the technical and development staff from Engineering and Business Management back ground. We  offer Complete Electronics Security Systems; we are capable of developing new customized solutions to meet the requirements of the user.
PoleMetal Detector, brings this world class technology to India, and offers the same to you through well trained staff across India.


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