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Cash Flow Forecast: Financial Modelling Terms Explained


When you do, this simple but valuable tool can help you keep an eye on cash and ensure you don’t compromise growth or put your business in jeopardy. You can also use the information provided on past cash flow statements to estimate your expenses for the period you’re forecasting for. It is prudent for companies to create their own cash flow forecasts to better understand their figures that will inform their financial decisions regarding their business. Cash flow forecasts help companies estimate how much money is moving in and out of their business for a set period. This helps companies plan and prepare for potential scenarios while giving a clear picture of where the business stands financially. Without using a formal data-led process to forecast future cash flow, it’s almost impossible to predict changes to sales or costs and estimate how much cash your company will have at any given time.


In contrast to Cash Flow Forecasting accounting, this method recognises transactions when they are earned and not when the payments are received. This type of accounting method recognises that a transaction only happened if there was an exchange of cash. It involves analysing your organisation’s cashflow like payments made to suppliers and employees as well as receipts from customers. Each element is valuable in determining the financial standing of a company. Some companies break down their receipts and payments into more cash flow items to check their forecasting needs at the most granular level.

The advantages of using a cash forecasting tool

While estimating your cash flow, you shouldn’t forget the following elements. Excess of receipts over payments – the difference between cash inflows and outflows. A cash flow forecast can save a business, help them raise capital, or even refinance. As you can see, this method directly uses cash inflow and outflow to generate its output. The reason this method isn’t very common is that it can become cumbersome to gather the data, especially for companies that use accrual-basis rather than cash-basis accounting. One-time sales — It’s obvious to remember to count your subscription recurring revenue, but don’t forget to include those one-time sales in your cash flow statement.

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4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Deal with Cash Flow Problems in 2023.

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If your actual cash flow is falling short, you need to determine what’s eating your cash from your forecast and act accordingly. Prepare a sales forecast based on your historical sales data for each month.If you’re a new business, you won’t have any historical records to benchmark from – start by estimating all your cash outflows. Predict which months might see a cash deficiency – whether that be from poor predicted sales, after a potential investment, or implementing a planned new product or service. Once you have an idea of which months may see limited or negative cash flow, you can begin to plan ahead and take precautionary measures to ensure you have enough cash to see you through.

cash flow forecasting methods

This forecast helps to know possibly available cash balance in a future date, based on which management can plan for capital expenditures and major procurement. The cash flow, Income, and expenditure of the future period also need to be forecasted. It is useful in predicting the financial position and performance, and the management will know in advance the possible actions to be taken for the improvement. When an organization plans for forecasting a cash flow statement, they consider sales, income, and other expenditures. Let us understand the concept better with the help of a couple of examples. The input for this method of forecasting is cash receipts and payments.

Our powerful—and free—subscription analytics tool was designed specifically with the needs of SaaS businesses in mind. It will provide you with accurate, real-time reporting and analytics—everything you need to know to keep growing—all in one place. Usually, such a forecast is prepared for 12 months and is constantly monitored based on business situations and changed accordingly. For example, a small firm will have its forecast for a week, whereas an established firm with strong cash flow may prepare it once a month.

Cash Flow Forecast

That downside of choosing the direct method is that some bankers, accountants, and investors may prefer to see the indirect method of a cash flow forecast. After we explain the direct method, we’ll explain the indirect method as well. Subtract the outflows from the inflows in each period to calculate the net cash flow for each daily, weekly or monthly period. Doing so can uncover days, weeks or months when a business is expected to generate extra cash or come up short. Identify expected cash outflows, including payments for all operating expenses, such as payroll and inventory, and nonoperating items, such as rent, loan payments and tax payments. Investing activities relate to gains and losses on the sale of assets, which might occur when equipment is sold off for more or less than its carrying, or book, value.

future cash

The funds for these investments in your small business often come in the form of loans or money from outside investors. Whatever the source, if additional funding is part of your plans, it should be included in your cash flow forecast. Cash positioning is the practice of aggregating daily account balance and transaction information in a single place to ensure there are enough funds to cover daily operating needs. That may be an Excel spreadsheet or treasury management technology that includes tools for cash flow planning. Sheetgo is a handy tool when you want to combine the data from different spreadsheets. The more spreadsheets with financial data you have the more challenging it is to combine them and build accurate cash flow forecasts.


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