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Digital Transformation Tools: How To Fuel Business Success

Different departments start attempting to solve the same problems in different ways. Although this stage is better than the previous one, it shows a lack of focus and unity. Organizations have to find a way to move out of the initial chaos if they want to achieve digital transformation success. Domain transformation occurs when one business can successfully capture a new market segment or domain. You can achieve this by focusing on digital transformation projects that expand offerings instead of just improving existing ones.

  • They can be used to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer service.
  • With technology evolving faster, you have the pressure to keep yours updated and stay ahead of emerging digital tools.
  • Think big but start small and identify those areas that will benefit you immediately.
  • In this survey, the results suggest two primary ways in which companies with successful transformations are empowering employees to embrace these changes.
  • By following these steps, organizations can transform their operations to meet the demands of the digital age while improving efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth.
  • Document digitization should be the first step in any digital transformation strategy.

A digital transformation framework is a blueprint for change management in any organization that is undergoing a digital transformation. A framework is a tool that guides all levels and https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ departments of the organization through the change. Businesses that make it to this stage have a digital transformation framework in place to deal with all future customer requirements.

Digital twin as the key to transformation

The use of robotics is expanding beyond repetitive tasks to more analytics-based activities powered by complementary technologies like IoT, sensors, and artificial intelligence. In terms of digital transformation, robotics has a key role to play in driving operational efficiency and freeing up humans for higher-level tasks. Obeya is a Lean manufacturing tool that promotes collaboration and information sharing among teams, managers, stakeholders, and decision makers. An Obeya is typically a physical space where employees can see charts, progress boards, and other visuals that promote discussion and a common understanding of what’s happening with their products. Today, globally distributed teams can take advantage of a variety of videoconferencing, work item tracking, and online whiteboarding tools to recreate the Obeya experience digitally.

Organizations must assess their current state of operations, understand their customers’ needs and expectations, and evaluate market trends before creating a vision or developing strategies. A clear vision will help organizations identify their goals and objectives for the transformation process, while a well-defined strategy can guide them toward achieving those goals. You need to understand which tech solution is ideal for each department, which solution can enhance your peripheral capabilities, and which of these solutions would be dormant. You need to draw this roadmap that can help you achieve long-term business goals. But this is a crucial step if you are serious about your digital transformation initiative and want to move the business forward.

Tips for Successful Implementation

With that in mind, it feels it’s worth explaining what digital transformation is and what it involves. The good news is that you don’t need to be a tech expert to take your business through the digital transformation process. https://www.globalcloudteam.com/digital-transformation-tools-how-to-fuel-business-success/ There are plenty of tools that help facilitate digital transformation in different business areas. Get started with digital transformation by using the AWS digital transformation checklist and cloud adoption readiness tool.

implementing digital transformation tools

Mobile technologies provide a better user experience for customers on the go. Blockchain technology can help improve trust and transparency with customers and partners. Virtual reality (VR) offers an immersive experience like never before, providing customers with a unique and engaging experience.

Assess the current digital state of your organization

A digital transformation initiative goes a long way and is more modernizing your software assets and adopting the cloud. The success of your digital transformation activities must be evaluated, and any required corrections must be made. Track your progress using KPIs that are consistent with your transformational objectives. Measures of consumer happiness, operational effectiveness, or innovation may be among them. To make sure you’re on track to reaching objectives, review them often and make any adjustments to your approach or tools. Even though each business is unique in the way digital capabilities will benefit it, there are key principles that are applicable to all leaders wanting to embark on their digital transformation journey.

The digital transformation process is always a journey and never a destination. It includes getting maximum value from your existing technology and identifying the technology gaps. Adobe changed its business model from selling boxed software to providing cloud-based subscriptions. A successful digital transition produced Adobe Creative Cloud and Document Cloud, raising revenue and improving customer experience.

Digital Accounting Tools

Digital transformation empowers businesses to optimize repetitive processes, streamline teams, and solve customer problems more effectively. Success is also more likely when organizations scale up their workforce planning and talent development (Exhibit 3). Digital project management tools are the backbone of any digital transformation. They are the ones that help you manage your teams, generate reports, track your projects, and much more.

implementing digital transformation tools

In this article, we’ve gathered and evaluated the top 7 digital transformation tools that are available on the market today. The benefits of transforming your organization into a digital enterprise can reshape how it operates and make it completely agile and innovative, but the road is not without challenges. Big data analytics helps reveal patterns, trends, and correlations in large datasets, providing valuable insights for decision-making. IoT technology maximizes efficiency in logistics, manufacturing, and other industries. Security measures like cybersecurity are essential for protecting customer data from malicious attacks or breaches. As the industry continues to navigate increasing demands and complexity, energy companies cannot afford to remain the same.

Digital Strategy

Choosing the right digital transformation tool for your business can be daunting. The first step is to identify the problems and gaps that need to be addressed in your industry. Once you have a clear idea of what you want, research the digital transformation tools that meet your requirements using something similar to the Bracken infographic above. Consider each tool’s cost, features, customer reviews, support, and security factors.

implementing digital transformation tools

Zendesk’s adaptable Agent Workspace is the modern solution to handling classic customer service issues like high ticket volume and complex queries. A customer-orientated mindset is what takes an organization from a digital transformer to a digital leader. Moreover, celebrating successes as well as failures will help encourage employees to think outside the box and take calculated risks without fear of retribution.

Understand That Digital Transformation Requires Cultural Change

Digital transformation is as much of a culture change and challenge as it is a technological one. Since the ‘90s, the phrase has become a widely used—some would say overused—term to describe strategic initiatives organizations undertake to leverage technology and drive innovation in their operations. As our company celebrates its 35th year, the executive team has been giving this concept renewed attention, spurred by the rapid rise of generative AI (GenAI). A digital transformation initiative involves change at the organizational level—change that generates breakthrough value. Digitization refers to more modest initiatives, according to Gartner, such as putting services online or plugging a new technology into a legacy business model. In the face of competition from online retailers, Walmart pivoted to offer a hybrid model that pairs its signature stores with a robust digital customer experience.


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